My Team

Bev Lindeman

Bev is a licensed agent in Ohio and currently serves on our team specializing in Public Relations and Processing.  She joined the team 5 years ago with a Real Estate background dating back to 2003 with Huff Realty.  Bev went to OSU and transferred to UC graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, majoring in Public Speaking,  Writing, and Organizational Communication.  

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Rhonda Holbrook

Rhonda is a Buyer Specialist in Kentucky on the team.  She has been an active agent on the team for 6 years and has been a huge asset to the team!  She continues to be a pillar in Cindy Bruner & Assoc.

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Myrna Rice

Myrna joined the team in 2017.  She came to the team with 12 years of experience of licensed real estate experience.  She has been a smart addition to our growing team of agents.  We're so excited to have her expertise on our side of the transaction!

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Carol Searcy

Carol is our newest agent, but not new to real estate!  She quite a few years with real estate experience on the buying and selling side, which is how we met her!  She was a client of ours a few times over, and it came natural to add her to our team of experts!

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